Atlantic County Clerk Joe Giralo chose Townsquare Media Atlantic City this morning to make an official announcement regarding his tie-breaking decision regarding the final Atlantic County early voting location for the 2022 election cycle.

The Atlantic County Board of Elections, comprised of 2 Republicans and 2 Democrats was deadlocked at 2-2.

This left the decision to Giralo. The choice was to keep an early voting location in Buena Vista Township (at the Dr. Martin Luther King Center) or, move it to Pleasantville.

Giralo announced live on-air that his decision is to keep the early voting location in Buena because it provides balance from a geographical standpoint.

Atlantic County Clerk Joe Giralo photo.
Atlantic County Clerk Joe Giralo photo.

Buena Vista Township is in the western portion of Atlantic County. Pleasantville is located directly next door to Northfield, where there is already an early voting location.

It made absolutely no sense to shut down Buena Vista Township location in favor of Pleasantville.

So that you can have the full rationale behind his decision, here is Giralo’s full letter.

Joe Giralo letter.
Joe Giralo letter.
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Regrettably, Atlantic County Commissioner Ernest Coursey purposely and erroneously injected race into this issue.

There was no racial calculus to this issue whatsoever. Despite this, Coursey resorted to the divisive tactic known as gaslighting.

Low-brow politicians take this path when they cannot argue the facts.

If you missed our recent coverage about Coursey’s stunt, here is a link to catch up:

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Incredulously, Coursey wrote a letter, calling Egg Harbor Township “A White Town.”

It resulted in the significant condemnation of Coursey. Atlantic County Commissioner Andrew Parker called Coursey out over his racist comments.

Parker is African-American, who until his promotion to the Atlantic County Board of Commissioners, was a member of the Egg Harbor Township Committee.

Despite Coursey’s racist remarks, The Atlantic County Board of Elections voted unanimously to create an early voting location in Egg Harbor Township.

Geographically, Egg Harbor Township is the largest Municipality in Atlantic County.

Again, The decision was made purely on geographical terms and had nothing at all to do with race.

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