It’s a great cost-savings strategy to install the remote thermostat control capability that you can manage right from your smartphone.

If you’re leaving home or work for the day, you can dial down your thermostat and save money each and every day. While you’re away on vacation, you can dial down the temperature and rack up the energy cost savings. Then, from your smartphone, you can raise and lower the temperature as desired on demand.

That's just one tip from my friends at Ambient Comfort Heating & Cooling Professionals on how to save both energy and money this winter. Here are a few more:

1) Don't set your thermostat to "summer" temperatures. Families can debate the perfect temperature setting for hours and hours, but the higher you set the temperature, the more energy you're using. Go ahead and add an extra layer of clothing or curl up on the couch with a thick blanket.

2) Don't avoid furnace maintenance. Your furnace runs best with regular tune-ups, and unfortunately, if you postpone it too long, your furnace likely will be running inefficiently without any outward sign you might detect.

3) Opening windows to cool overheated areas of your home. We all enjoy fresh air from time to time, but if you're opening windows to compensate for an imbalance in your HVAC, you should call a professional to evaluate the problem.

4) Make sure to change your filters regularly. Dirty filters put a strain on your HVAC system by making the motor work harder to push the air through. Make sure your system has the right filter and change it at the appropriate times.

5) Avoid energy-sucking hot showers. It might be counter-intuitive, but long hot showers actually deplete hot air because the exhaust that is removing the steam from your bathroom is taking heated air with it. An ERV (energy recovery ventilator) can help.

If you need help upgrading or maintaining your HVAC system, you can turn with confidence to Ambient Comfort. They take great care of my family … I know that they’ll do the same for you and yours. Visit Ambient Comfort online here or call 856-213-6586 to get started.