Amy Kennedy defeated Brigid Callahan Harrison at the Atlantic County Democratic Convention and won the biggest prize of them all.

The wide margin of victory was as follows:

Kennedy 157
Harrison 73
Cunningham 21
Bennett 10
Turkavage 2

The race on the Democrat side has now been reset.

This was a decisive victory for Kennedy, and, Harrison lost big in her home County in a blowout.

Atlantic County represents about 40 percent of District 2.

Kennedy will now receive the coveted Column A Regular Democrat ballot position in Atlantic County.

This changes everything in the Democrat Primary for the United States House of Representatives in District 2.

Harrison had received a number of smaller endorsements and had amassed massive institutional insider Democrat support.

Harrison worked feverishly to try and create a faux air of inevitability.

That has now evaporated.

Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Mike Suleiman did the absolute right thing.

To his credit, Suleiman stayed completely out of it and allowed his convention delegates make this critical decision.

Multiple sources confided in me that there was much pressure brought to bear for Suleiman to fall in line with all of the other Democrat Chairman who endorsed Harrison.

I give high marks to Suleiman. He knew exactly what he was doing. And, he showed rare courage and did the right thing. Not the easy thing.

The easy thing would have been to endorse Harrison. Suleiman resisted.

This was the first time that Kennedy faced Harrison in a contest that did not have the sitting Democrat Party Chairman publicly supporting Harrison prior to delegates having the chance to even vote.

The Atlantic County Convention win places Kennedy in a strong position, heading to the June 2, 2020 Primary Election.

Here’s a historical footnote. The last time Harrison ran for office (1993) in Atlantic County, she finished a distant dead last 4th place in a four-person race for Freeholder.

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