October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. National Mammography Day is observed every third Friday in October to remind women the importance of getting this life-saving test.

If you're a woman forty years or older, you're encouraged to get a mammogram every year. If you're younger than forty, it's important to, at the very least, make sure you're self-examining for any lumps or abnormalities. After all, you know yourself best, therefore if something seems off, head to your women's health specialist immediately.

To all woman that should be getting the yearly exam, please make sure you do it. As any breast cancer survivor will tell you, the best defense against the disease is early detection.

There's nothing worse than hearing about a friend or a loved one passing away from breast cancer and then hearing that if it were detected earlier, their life could've been spared.

So, please, if you need to be tested, don't wait. If you know someone going through treatment, be there not only for them, but their family as well. After all, you never know if they'll have to return the favor one day.


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