Hamilton Township Mayor Charles Cain and I have been talking on-air about flying cars for the past 20 years.

Mayor Cain is the owner and operator of The Auto Plaza at English Creek.

The Daily Beast published a very informative article on this topic.

The flying car is here. It’s no longer theory or futuristic. The future is here.

Specifically in Slovakia. The company is Klein Vision’s “AirCar” and they have received a “Certificate of Airworthiness” from the Slovak Transport Authority. They can now legally their car in Slovakia.

From The Daily Beast article, “AirCar certification opens the door for mass production of very efficient flying cars,” Stefan Klein, the inventor, and head of the AirCar development team, as well as the vehicle’s test pilot, said in a press release. “It is official and the final confirmation of our ability to change mid-distance travel forever.”
Mayor Cain and I have a split decision on flying cars. I believe that they will become mainstream in the foreseeable future.
Mayor Cain believes that they are “more novelty and will gain popularity in limited demographics, with the rich being able to possess them as an expensive toy,” said Cain.
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My philosophy about this is that America will continue to grow in population and having air space lanes at say 500 to 900 feet above the ground (or higher) could become a new form of travel and dramatically help with density.
If I’m right, we will become the equivalent of television 1960’s cartoon The Jetsons for real.
Mayor Cain just doesn’t see it and he’s the expert in this space. I do see it, but, it’s impossible to know when or if this will actually happen here in America. I think it will.
Mayor Cain raised some really good points during our on-air interview: “In order to fly these air cars, a pilot license and other training would be required,” said Cain.
Cain doesn’t rain on the idea. He likes it. “I just don’t see this happening in our lifetime,” said Cain.
Before now, this technology has been restricted to military and research and development use only.
However, the space program in America used to be 100% government-run with NASA.
Look at America now, with private investment in space travel working closely with NASA in a very effective public-private partnership. This collaboration has been working very well.
Klein Vision confirms that their AirCar can travel for 600 miles at a time. It can fly at a cruising speed of 186 mph and fly as high as 18,000 feet.
This does rub some people the wrong way. The AirCar runs on regular unleaded gasoline and has an internal combustion engine, which environmentalists will hate.
The initial AirCar is a two-seater. They’re presently working on a four-seat version.
Klein Vision believes that they are within one year of this becoming a regular form of travel in Slovakia.
I am fascinated by the prospects of flying cars becoming commonplace in America. I think it would be great. Do you?
 SOURCES: Klein Vision, The Daily Beast.


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