This is one of those nostalgic things that may or may not cross your mind from time to time.

It does mine.

As the years continue to fly by so quickly, I sometimes take the time to go back and think about where we were and where we lived throughout the years.

With help of my twin brother Don, we traveled to each home that we’ve ever lived in throughout our lifetime.

I’m going to share my various residences and there have been many over the past 62 years.

The exercise was amazing because it’s not just about the bricks and mortar. It makes you reflect on your life.

When you make the time and effort to travel to each location, it takes you back to where you were at different stages of your lifetime.

It’s both a sentimental journey and a cathartic exercise all wrapped up into one.

It will represent some of the happiest and worst moments of your life.

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If you take my challenge and do this, I believe that you will find it to be a very powerful exercise of self-reflection.

In our case, one of the homes that we lived (on St. David’s Place), more than 50 years ago, actually burned down and it has been an asphalt-covered lot ever since. Nothing was ever built there ever again after the fire.

It was a terrifying, unimaginable experience to watch your home burn down and lose all of your material belongings at one moment.

Here is the empty lot as it looks today:

Don P. Hurley
Don P. Hurley

Only to witness the same street be named after you 50 years later. It’s surreal.

Harry Hurley
Harry Hurley

This was our home (below) on Sunset Drive in Rutland Town, Vermont. We spent a great year there; returning home to accept a great position at then Merv Griffin’s Resorts Casino Hotel … which set the stage for my interview with President Donald Trump, who hired me to run the entire hotel division of the then Trump Castle Casino Resort by The Bay.

Sunset Drive, Rutland Town Vermont - Google Maps
Sunset Drive, Rutland Town Vermont - Google Maps

Here was our amazing home (below) at 105 South Dudley Avenue in Ventnor City that we lived in as young children for part of the mid-to-late 1960s.

It was just a few doors to the beach in the fabulous St. Leonard’s tract.

This home has been meticulously maintained over the past 50 years. I met the current owners when I stopped by not long ago. They were so very kind.

Don Hurley
Don Hurley

We have lived in the following places:

Atlantic City (multiple locations).

Ventnor (multiple locations).

Rutland Town Vermont (1 year).

Somers Point.

Egg Harbor Township (since 1996).

Check back later, as we will be publishing additional photos of the various homes that we lived in throughout our lifetime.

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