We called upon our listeners, readers, family members, and friends to share their favorite childhood memories that took place in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area.

You did not disappoint.

This fun exercise demonstrates how many fabulous amusement piers, restaurants, and activities have been available throughout the past more than 100 years in the Atlantic City area.

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous wrote us that “Orsatti’s Warwick restaurant was one of the most beautiful restaurants in Atlantic City” and the scene of great family memories.

For many years, Orsatti’s was the “it” place, where all of the powerful movers and shakers would visit on an almost daily basis

Former New Jersey Assemblyman Kirk Conover shared about his father and grandfather taking him fishing on Absecon Bay. Kirk would become a clammer later in life.

Kirk also finally remembers his father, no matter how busy he was, always making the time to have a baseball catch with him.

Kirk would later display near major league caliber pitching skills and he credited on-air this morning these catches with his father during his early years as the reason why he develop such a love of baseball.

My family had a real love for the original Steel Pier. I write about it in the photo gallery directly below. If it was early in the week and you found out that you would be going to Steel Pier on Saturday, it gave you something to look forward to all week long. It was wonderful.

I also really enjoyed anytime my Father would take me to work with him.

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There is a reason why we can vividly remember our fond childhood memories. They hold a special place in our hearts.

They are so special in fact, that we are able to draw upon them for the rest of our lives.

The World Famous Steel Pier was mentioned by many, as was Adventure Village.

Both of these iconic establishments have seared some of the most positive childhood memories that have lasted a lifetime.

In honor and memory of the Steel Pier and Adventure Village, we have included elaborate photo galleries at the bottom of this article.

The first photo gallery is about our readers sharing their favorite childhood memories, followed by amazing Steel Pier photos and then by Adventure Village photos.

Atlantic City Area: Readers Share Favorite Childhood Memories

Steel Pier

Do You Remember Adventure Village in EHT?


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