ATLANTIC CITY — In two months, police crammed this shore resort's jail cells with 101 people as a result of a quality-of-life crackdown on three short beachfront blocks. Officials hope to spread this effort out to the rest of the city.

The arrests all came from patrolling the beach blocks of Texas Avenue, Bellevue Avenue and Albion Place, next to Boardwalk Hall.

The city considers the residential blocks "blighted" and is planning to demolish at least three abandoned and neglected properties, police said.

Police said Thursday that 74 of the arrests were on drug charges, 25 of which were for suspected drug dealing.

Police also made arrests on 79 outstanding warrants and confiscated three guns, 2 ounces of crack, 3.5 ounces of heroin, 6.25 ounces of marijuana and $5,876 in suspected drug cash.

Police issued 66 summonses for trespassing, open containers of alcohol, and other violations; and 20 summonses for motor vehicle violations, drugs found in cars and improper use of bicycles.

Code enforcement officials also issued 15 violations to property owners.

The effort began in October with community meetings. The plan calls for "high visibility foot and/or bicycle patrols" and "keep communication going with the residents."

Police also are issuing drug offender retraining orders, which prohibits drug dealers from returning to the location where they were arrested.

Police said they will aggressively enforce quality of life laws against drinking in public, urinating, defiant trespass and curfew.

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