Great news for the hard working employees of Atlantic City Electric.

These employees work in some of the harshest weather elements imaginable.

It appears that a tentative contract has been reached, according to Atlantic City Electric, who told the news to WPVI 6abc on Sunday, December 3, 2023, who was the first to break the news.

The tentative agreement is between Atlantic City Electric and their union workers from IBEW Local 210.

Approximately 400 of these union workers began a strike after their contract expired on November 2, 2023.

The union employees appear to have won the following improved working conditions:

  • pay increases
  • additional vacation time.
  • more holiday time
  • some employees will be able to work from home

Atlantic City Electric has released a public statement through 6ABC … it reads as follows:

We are pleased that we have reached a tentative labor agreement with IBEW Local 210. We feel confident we have bargained in good faith and reached an equitable and competitive agreement that is fair for employees and customers. The new contract will be effective when it is ratified by our represented employees. We value our strong relationships with our labor unions and represented employees and look forward to welcoming them back. Nothing is more important to Atlantic City Electric than the safety and well-being of our employees, contractors, customers and communities and this contract balances the needs of our employees with those of our customers and communities we serve.

Since our initial report, we can add this additional public connect directly from Atlantic City Electric as follows:

Please note the final contract details are confidential between the company and union however, the agreement includes making Veterans Day a fixed holiday for IBEW Local 210 employees, which increased the total holidays for most employees by one day a year, to 13 total holidays per year. The agreement also includes pay premium increases, meal stipend increase, clothing allowance increase, shift differential increase, as well as additional vacation days, military leave enhancements, training pay increase and a work from home option for certain classifications.

When we receive a public statement from the IBEW Local 210 union, we will include it here.


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