I gave serious thought yesterday to just how expensive everything has become in our lives and I decided to take direct and meaningful action.

Inflation and other regressive factors have become very challenging in our daily lives.

I put aside one hour yesterday and I want to share with you what I was able to accomplish.

Since we have almost no ability to change our circumstances regarding runaway inflation and the current high interest rates, etc.

Instead, I gave thought to what we do have some direct control over.

I looked at my monthly bills, relative to utilities, cable, WiFi and other subscriptions, etc.

I cancelled 2 different subscriptions to credit reporting  agencies. There are so many free ways to get your credit score and reports on demand (for free) that these paid subscriptions are simply no longer required.

My savings here equals $ 40 per-month.

I next looked at my car satellite radio monthly subscription. It was about $ 25 per-month.

I telephoned the company and they reduced my monthly bill to $ 5.99 for all of the same channels that I previously had for almost 5 times the monthly cost.

This will save me another $ 20 per-month.

Finally, I telephoned my cable, WiFi, landline telephone company. My bill has gone up substantially to about $ 500 per-month.

I was able to negotiate a 2-year deal at a cost of $ 360 per-month and I am able to keep all if my same channels and services.

Additionally, they increased my WiFi speed from 700 bps to 1,000 bps.

My savings here is $ 140 per-month.

This first effort will save me $ 200 per-month, or, $ 2,400 per-year.

I am going to look at other regular monthly debits that I have routinely been paying to see where else I can achieve meaningful monthly savings.

Over time, we have a tendency to purchase regularly recurring services and it can really add up.

While I cannot guarantee you the same result that I was able to achieve … it is my hope that this has inspired you to take a closer look at your regular expenses.

Please consider craning action. Good companies don’t want to lose your business and they are reasonable in their efforts to try and retain your business.

I’m sending you and yours good wishes and best of luck!

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