We have now reviewed the Absecon, New Jersey police video of La’Quetta Small, who is the Superintendent of the Atlantic City Public Schools system.

The video is 12 minutes and 52 seconds long.

Smalls’ conduct before two Absecon police officers is disgraceful.

We went to the dictionary to select appropriate words to describe Smalls’ conduct.

It wasn’t hard to find the right words.


On Friday, May 31, 2024 in the early 2:00 p.m. hour, John Exadaktilos observed La'Quetta Small and her expensive, taxpayer-paid vehicle (a luxury black Chevy Tahoe) at The Home Depot in Absecon, New Jersey.

For reasons only known to La'Quetta Small, she decided to park her assigned taxpayer-paid vehicle in two handicapped parking spaces.

La'Quetta Small came out of the Absecon Home Depot with two umbrellas.

You would think that a person like La'Quetta Small, who has been criminally charged with serious child abuse offenses … would be careful not to break any other laws.

La’QUETTA SMALL is criminally charged with:

  • 2nd degree endangering the welfare of a child.
  • 3 separate counts of disorderly persons simple assault.

ATLANTIC CITY MAYOR MARTY SMALL is criminally charged with:

  • 2nd degree endangering the welfare of a child.
  • 3rd degree aggravated assault
  • 3rd degree terroristic threats
  • disorderly persons simple assault.

Smalls' own sense of entitlement appears to be just breathtaking.

At the scene, an Absecon police officer asked La’Quetta Small, “Is that handicap placard for you"?

La'Quetta Small answered, “yes... yeah. OK,” she turned and started to walk away from the police.


The Absecon police officer asked "do you have the card that goes with it." Small said “No.”

Small said the registration card was in her personal car “a Range Rover” in Cherry Hill.

The Absecon police officer said that’s ok, “if I give you my email address could you take a photo of the registration card and send it to me.”

While the police officer was talking to Small, she took a phone call and proceeds to blames another woman for parking next to the spot that she pulled into, which Small said made her park the way that she did.

What La’Quetta Small fails to accept or realize is that she has no legal right whatsoever to park in a handicapped space.

Small later admits to the police officer that the handicap card is her mother's.

The police officer asks La'Quetta Small to “do me favor,  in the future your mother has to be with you if you’re going to park in a handicap spot.”

The Absecon police officer was incredibly polite to La’Quetta Small during the police incident.

La’Quetta Small was about to leave … then, she turned back and complained about another woman who had parked her car next to where she (Small) illegally parked.

Now, that’s Chutzpah.

Just when it seemed like it was over at the scene, a female witness walked-up to the police officer and reported that she thinks that La’Quetta Small may have taken the two umbrellas from the Absecon Home Depot without paying for the items.

The female witness told the police officer that La’Quetta Small was “putting on a scene inside the store.”

The police officer turns to a second police officer and said that she (the witness) says she (Small) shoplifted the two umbrellas.

All of this is captured on the police officer body cam video.

The conversation about whether Small stole the umbrellas begins at about 5:40 into the video recording.

One of the police officers expresses his concern about what right they have to approach La’Quetta Small about this allegation.

At about 5:55 into the video, the officer blocks the sound and video, while the two “strategize” about how to handle this allegation.

The officers turn the body cam back on and discuss that they will review the Absecon Home Depot store video.

The video recording ends … with no resolution to whether Small will be ticketed, and, no resolution to the theft allegation.

The conduct of the Absecon police officers during this entire incident was exemplary. They were highly professional and polite throughout.

Regardless of how all of this ends … La’Quetta Smalls’ conduct at the scene was just awful.

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