Look how incredibly beautiful and opulent this Atlantic City, New Jersey department store was.

It was known “America’s Department Store” and it seemed to have just about everything.

In the M.E. Blatt Company days, it operated under the proud and earned slogan, "Atlantic City's Great Department Store."

It was truly one of the most comprehensive and highly touted department stores in America.

This timeless and magnificent building still sits at South Carolina and Atlantic Avenues in Atlantic City, New Jersey and operates as office space.

They just don’t build structures like this anymore.

Counting today’s iteration, this iconic building has had four lives, including:

  • M.E. Blatt Company
  • Snellenburgs
  • Lit Brother’s

Generations of Atlantic City, New Jersey area residents have indelible memories of this great store  in all of its eras.

Christmas time was a very special time of year at Blatt’s - Snellenburgs & Lit Brothers.

The top floor was transformed into a spectacular Christmas Wonderland.

Many people also have very fond memories of dining at the mezzanine (level) restaurant.

In a Facebook post that we chronicled last year, Steve Souder wrote that …

In the 1940's originally was the M.E.Blatt Department Store @ SE corner South Carolina & Atlantic Av's. It's still there today, with many different uses over the years. On the second floor loge/balcony was a Tea Room, a popular gathering place for lunch. My mom worked there during WWII.

This is a great example of the deep-rooted memories that people have about this department store.

Others fondly remember shopping for back-to-school … getting their clothes and various school supplies here.

Art Gager wrote: "Different time frames. The beauty of this Department Store could never be duplicated again. How did they afford to do it? Where are all the skilled craftsmen and women who didn't have one battery-powered tool? Architecturally, we live in a very boring world by comparison."

I love this comment from Art Gager.

This was followed by an entire new generation that went on to enjoy Lit Brothers in the same manner that previous generations loved the M.E. Blatt Co. Department Store.

The Atlantic City, New Jersey area has had so many phenomenal stores throughout the many years, including:

  • Woolworth’s on Ocean Avenue and The Boardwalk in Atlantic City.
  • The corner of South Carolina & Atlantic Avenue’s has been the home of so many memorable establishments … formerly M. E. Blatt...then Schellenberger’s-Blatt then, finally Lit Brother’s. Now, it’s called The Citi Center Building, where government offices such as the Atlantic City Board of Education operate.
  • Two Guys, formerly located on Albany Avenue, in West Atlantic City … now it is the Atlantic City Police Tow Lot.
  • J. M. Fields, located on Wellington Avenue, Ventnor Heights, which later became Bradlees and now it is part of another big name operator, Pathmark.
  • Steinbach (Shore Mall, Cardiff, Egg Harbor Township. It was followed by additional iterations, Dry Goods and then Value City. Sadly, it is now an empty parking lot.
  • Garwood Mills, located in the beautiful Inlet section of Atlantic City.
  • Sears. Remember when The Shore Mall was called Sears Town Mall.
  • J.C. Penney
  • Macy’s

I hope that you have enjoyed our special walk down the Atlantic City Memory Lane.

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