Atlantic City Police responded to a report of a naked man in the street late Friday afternoon.

Upon arrival, officers were pointed by local citizens to the man who was naked, screaming, aggressive, and showed signs of being under the influence of drugs. He was identified as Steven Grant, 25, of Atlantic City.

According to Atlantic City Police,

The officers attempted to calm Grant down and get him to put clothes on.  There was a crowd beginning to form that included children.  After Grant refused all commands be the officers, additional officers and medical personnel were requested.

Grant continued to move towards North Carolina Avenue and Route 30, which is a major intersection and roadway.  Officers blocked the intersection, stopping motorists, while Grant was in the roadway.  He continued to refuse all the commands of the officers.

Officer Sendrick moved his patrol vehicle to a position to shield Grant from traffic.  As he was exiting his patrol vehicle, Grant ran towards Officer Sendrick and jumped on the hood damaging it.  Grant then jumped off the vehicle and charged Officer Sendrick screaming in an aggressive manner with his fists clenched.  Officer Sendrick deployed his conducted energy device which effectively struck Grant.  Grant was then taken into custody without further incident.

Grant was taken to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, City Division, to be evaluated.  He was released a short time later.  The deployment of the less than lethal tool led to no serious injuries being sustained by Grant, the officers, or anyone in the crowd.

Grant was charged and taken to the Atlantic County Jail.

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