We have learned that Gabby Caldwell, Director of Elementary Education for the Atlantic City Public Schools system has landed an important assignment.

It appears to make no sense. According to Atlantic City Board of Education Member John Devlin, Caldwell will be directly participating in the selection of a new Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum.

Caldwell will be a subordinate to the person that she helps to select.

It appears unnatural and out of order in every way.

However, Caldwell possesses a significant amount of political influence. She is the wife of immediate past superintendent Barry Caldwell and sister to Joe Jacobs, who wields tremendous un-elected power.

Devlin has confirmed Caldwell’s role in the current selection process and said:

It’s unfortunate and frustrating that these unethical practices continue in Atlantic City Public Schools. The Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum is such a important position in our school system I hate to think that this search is compromised like so many others - said Devlin.

The Atlantic City Board of Education will most likely once again utilize the “Doctrine of Necessity,” which will allow board of education members to cast a vote on this hiring, despite having an inherent conflict of interest.

Devlin has confirmed previously that the “Doctrine of Necessity” has been used more in the past year than in all of his 20 years on the board of education put together.

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In almost every normal business setting, you don’t have a subordinate directly participate in the process of hiring a potential superior.

The Atlantic City Board of Education created a new Assistant Superintendent last month and they used the “Doctrine of Necessity” to pull it off.

Many are wondering why New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver, the Department of Community Affairs and the state of New Jersey is allowing all of this to happen.

SOURCES: Multiple Atlantic City Public Schools employees and John Devlin, Atlantic City Board of Education Member

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