The Enclave Condominium Association wrote a very strongly worded letter to the Atlantic City Council in “staunch” opposition to Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small’s beachfront land giveaway scheme.

Their letter begins:

”This letter shall serve as The Enclave Condominium Association, Inc.'s (the "Enclave") staunch objection to the proposed resolution appointing Venture Capital Developers ("Venture") as conditional redeveloper of the property located at 3827 Boardwalk in Atlantic City, identified as Lots 1 and 2 in Block 19 on the official tax map for the City of Atlantic City (the "Property").”

”Likewise, this letter shall also serve as the Enclave's objection to Venture's current proposal for the Property.”

The Atlantic City 6th Ward Councilman Jesse Kurtz was never consulted about Small’s plan to giveaway such valuable taxpayer-owned land.

The state of New Jersey and Governor Phil Murphy have complete authority to veto the minutes and declare this raw land giveaway null and void.

A such, we are copying Governor Murphy with this article and a link to our previous article about this proposed 100 luxury units proposal.

There is such universal support against this plan. We have also been asking the question as to whether or not small included a reverter clause… In the event that the developer does not go through with this project… With a reverter clause, the land would go back to the City of Atlantic City

Years ago, former Atlantic City Mayor Jim Whelan led an effort and effort to give Steve Wynn, the H Tract with no reverter clause.

We’re pressing the matter to find out if Small is making the same mistake.

The genesis of this whole idea appears to be smalls acquaintance with the entertainer, Mary J Blige, who is allegedly associated with this development group … according to multiple members of city Council, who have shared that with us.

if you missed our previous coverage about this, here is a direct link to catch up.

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The Enclave Condominiums Association further wrote:

“Please be advised that the Enclave is vehemently opposed to the proposed resolution appointing Venture as conditional redeveloper of the Property. Venture's proposal to develop the Property with a 75-100 unit waterfront high rise which, at this point, is proposed to include amenities such as rooftop lounge, restaurant, retail, a gym, a pool, and only 35 parking spaces (collectively, the "Proposed Redevelopment) exhibits a level of tone-deafness and a complete lack of understanding as to the needs of this City that eliminates whatever credibility Venture may have had as a proposed redeveloper. It is clear to the Enclave, and should absolutely be clear to the Council, that Venture's goal has nothing to do with what is best for Atlantic City and its resident taxpayers. Rather, it is to squeeze as much as possible into an already small space in order to maximize profits, regardless of the substantial detrimental impacts it will undoubtedly cause to the neighboring properties, including and especially the many taxpaying residents of the Enclave. This alone should conclusively eliminate any consideration of Venture as a potential redeveloper of the Property in the eyes of the Council.”

Here is the 2 page letter in its entirety:

Harry Hurley, TSM.
Harry Hurley, TSM.
Harry Hurley, TSM.
Harry Hurley, TSM.

Former New Jersey Assemblyman Tom Foley, a nearby homeowner is also vehemently against this project.

Foley called-in to speak on-air about it this morning.

We urge Governor Murphy to listen to the countless residents who are firmly in objection to this project moving forward.

cc: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.

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