On September 7, 2020 we confirmed that the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Hope One 2019 Farber Specialty vehicle (pictured above) was involved in a crash.

It’s a beautiful vehicle that I previously wrote a glowing article about regarding the Hope One program on the occasion of their 2nd Anniversary.

Atlantic County Sheriff candidate Joe O’Donoghue also made the allegation about the vehicle crash on-air on the “Hurley in the Morning” on WPG Talk Radio 95.5.

I have impeccable Atlantic County sources who have confirmed (then and now) that the damage to the Hope One vehicle was approximately $ 15,000.

I was prepared to just leave it at that. However, my reporting came under question this past weekend, whereby a local WPG Talk Radio program declared that the damage was at or below $ 500.

This false report was not casually made, rather, it was firmly asserted.

It was a patently false statement. I want to take this opportunity to politely and professionally correct what was inaccurately reported to the public.

I have a copy of Atlantic County’s insurance adjuster's estimate. The vehicle has not been repaired as yet.

The total cost of the estimated repairs is precisely $ 14,468.31.

Here is a copy of the actual estimate, which itemizes the total repairs to be made.


There are many disturbing issues about this crash that I’m not prepared to reveal at this time.

Troubling to many people are the lengths that some have resorted to try and make this look like it didn’t even meet the minimum threshold ($ 500) to report a car accident.

I’m well aware that there’s an election that is fast-approaching. However, that’s no reason to confuse the public with false information; whereby those telling the truth are being contradicted by those providing blatantly false information.

In the future, we will report who was at fault and other troubling circumstances about this crash.

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