Atlantic County Prosecutor Will Reynolds and Acting Atlantic City Police Chief Jim Sarkos and their respective team members have spent quality time this morning with some of Atlantic City’s most vulnerable citizens, the homeless residents.

The two law enforcement agencies are also successfully partnering today with Jewish Family Services.

In real-time, we caught up with Reynolds about today’s community outreach, while it is still underway.

“We are here with my executive assistant prosecutor, Rick McKelvey, our chief of detectives Deshields, Chief Sarkos, along Atlantic City Police Department personnel and more than 30 people from my ACPO, the commitment level unmatched,” said Reynolds.

“We started at 6:00 a.m. it’s all volunteers from my office. I sent one email asking for volunteers. It’s truly humbling, the support from my office,” said Reynolds.

I asked Reynolds how long today’s community outreach will take place. He said, “We’ll end when we are done.”

Reynolds advised that they assembled into 2 teams and split the Atlantic City Boardwalk, starting at Arkansas Avenue. One team went left and the other went to the right.

Will Reynolds photo.
Will Reynolds photo.

There is an old but important expression, that society is measured by how we treat the most vulnerable.

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Atlantic County Prosecutors Office superior officers and staff, along with the Atlantic City Chief of Police and staff dedicating quality time to serve with community outreach to Atlantic City’s homeless community speaks volumes to their dedication to public service.

Law enforcement is not just about arresting people. When law enforcement properly connects with the communities that they serve; it can change everything for the better.

As we publish our report, this community outreach is still in progress. It says a lot about Reynolds, Sarkos, and their team members who took the time and effort 10 minutes before sunrise today to serve the homeless community.

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