This is a follow-up to our Friday, November 27, 2020 exclusive about the State of New Jersey sending a blistering 2-page letter to Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson.

The action by the state of New Jersey Department of Health was precipitated because three County employees filed a series of allegations detailing their concerns that Atlantic County government has been deficient in numerous ways regarding COVID-19.

The employees believe that the 1333 Atlantic Avenue County Office Building is not safe.

The state of New Jersey gave Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson five business days to respond.

On November 23, 2020, Gerald DelRosso, Atlantic County Administrator directly responded.

DelRosso’s letter is three pages long and directly responds to each allegation in specific detail.

I have obtained a copy of DelRosso’s letter. Here it is for your review as follows:

The state’s intervention will be required to sort all of this out. Because, the employee complaints and DelRosso’s elaborate response are diametrically opposite one another.

Both versions can’t be true.

If the County has been doing all of the things detailed by DelRosso from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there would have been no legitimate reason for employees to file their voluminous series of complaints with the state.

It has been brought to my attention since my first report that more County employees have now filed additional complaints with the state of New Jersey.

Here is one direct comment that we have received regarding the Atlantic County Library system and COVID-19:

“The Library system of Atlantic County has PPE and a temperature gun at their facilities that were sent by the county in March. They don’t take peoples temperatures who visit or employees and the temperature gun sits in the supervisors office at one branch which they do not use. The employees have the PPE and a county document for COVID requirements issued under executive order No. 2020-01 with a memo on 11/5 from HR to restate guidelines.”

While many public and private entities have strictly implemented temperature screenings on a daily basis, DelRosso has detailed to the state that Atlantic County has specifically opted to not implement temperature screenings.

Why then did the County of Atlantic provide “a temperature gun”? To specifically not use it?

DelRosso is a very good writer. He has directly responded to each and every question raised. He did so expertly.

However, after reading the Atlantic County employees numerous complaints and DelRosso’s response, there appears to be many more questions then there are satisfactory answers.

As I see it, this is at least a three round battle. I give the first round to the County employees. They were courageous to file their concerns with the state, because they fear political retaliation. They provided great specificity in their complaint.

DelRosso fought back to a draw in the second round by being a champion wordsmith.

Round 3 should decide the ultimate victor, with The state of New Jersey controlling the final outcome.

We’ll keep you posted.

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