Attorney V. Scott Macom’s client, Jesse Carter remains jailed in the Atlantic County Justice Facility and Macom doesn’t believe it’s right.

We were the first to report about a shooting death in Somers Point, New Jersey on Saturday, March 4, 2023. Here is a link to our first report about the shooting death of a 31-year-old Somers Point woman.

Macom’s client, Jesse Carter (29), is not currently being jailed for this shooting death. Carter is in the Atlantic County Justice Facility for unrelated gun charges.

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We have known the identity of the deceased Somers Point woman since March 4, 2023. However, law enforcement has not publicly identified her and we will continue to keep this faith and honor the privacy.

However, this report will go dramatically further than any previous article about this tragic situation and provide many specifics not previously known before now.

We had an extensive and exclusive, one-on-one interview with Macom, who did not hold back in his assessment that his client should not be in jail under the present circumstances.

The following narrative, is a graphic, verbatim account of our interview with Macom, who is blunt in his overall assessment and also critical of law enforcement regarding this matter.

V. Scott Macom via Facebook.
V. Scott Macom via Facebook.


“The death of the young woman is unfortunate. However, the detention of my client is egregious. I attached the probable cause for his arrest today on the grounds that the police had no articulable suspicion of a crime that would prompt them to search the car at the back of the house.” said Macom.

“The "crime" was her suicide. Prior to her committing suicide, she pointed the gun at my client and fired. Before my client could exit the house, she shot again and ended her life. She dropped to the floor with gun in hand and on the floor. My client dialed 911. As I stated on the record, flight risks do not dial 911. They run,” said Macom.

”To summarize, my client was tested for GSR, none was found. So, that means with no one else in the home, she committed suicide. So, at that point the death investigation is over, right?” questioned Macom.

“Not according to the Somers Point Police Department. After what should have been the conclusion of their inquiry of my client, they began, at the police station, asking him about his car and its contents. Now, why would they do that?”

“There was no causal connection between the car and the suicide. However, bear in mind that the victim used a gun. Where did she get the gun?”

“There is no connection to my client with that weapon. But the police insisted on searching my client's vehicle. They stated in the warrant that it was part of the death investigation. But that investigation was over.”

“From the car they recovered a gun and a high-capacity magazine - illegal. This places two guns and an illegal magazine on the property.”

“My client dialed 911. My client is on probation - on a case that stemmed from a drunk on a bicycle accosting him and two others on the AC boardwalk which ended in an altercation, my client leaving, no arrest. However, the drunk filed charges of which my client had no knowledge, and he was arrested two years later on that warrant.”

“So, my client on probation, with a dead girl on the floor with a gun next to her would then call 911 knowing fully well that he had another gun with a high-capacity magazine in the car, knowing this fact would violate his terms of probation would stick around? Not in a million years.”

“As I stated on the record, if he were the felon that the prosecutor made him out to be, he would have fled and gotten the hell out of there.”

“There is no way that my client knew there was a gun in his car with an illegal magazine and then hung out to answer police questions.”

“The victim had years of issues with the law, family court and my client. She was now dead, and the police knew my client had nothing to do with it otherwise he would have been charged with felony murder or some other variant.”

”The bottom line is that the police had no reason to search the car. Here's the interesting part. In addition to possession of an illegal weapon, my client has been charged with theft. Theft of what, you may ask. Theft of the gun and magazine. But who is the complainant regarding the theft of a gun and magazine? I will find out when I get the paperwork.”

“There is a video from the neighbor across the street. There are five witnesses to the fact that the video exists. What has been made available to me is a video from 12pm forward.”

“However, based upon two separate statements from verifiable witnesses, two hours earlier, which is contained on the video, the victim is seen and heard yelling and screaming, on 3rd avenue that she planted a gun on my client, that he's on probation and she'll call the police and tell them if he tries to leave her. She didn't mention the location of the planted gun, just that it existed.”

“I have been round and round with Somers Point Police Department, the prosecutor's office and the prosecutor today on the record. I have been told that SPPD transferred the file to AC Prosecutor.”

“Atlantic County Prosecutor told me they had to check with SPPD. Today (3/13/23) on the record, in response to my demand for the file, I was told by Paige Cramer that she would have to check with the detectives. When I pressed her, she responded that I had to contact Chief Seth Levy. I did. I left a message and have not heard back from him.”

“The Victim's father is a retired Atlantic City Police Captain.”

“The family has ties with the Somers Point Police Department. There are two unaccounted for weapons, one the death weapon, and an illegal magazine on the property, a lot to answer for don't you think?”

“And then there's my client caught in the middle of a bad relationship who no one in the family wanted around. You do the math,” concluded Macom.

NOTE: Carter is next scheduled to be in court on Monday, April 17, 2023.

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