A chance look at a Craigslist post led to a Berlin man donating his kidney.

Glen Calderbank, 49, told CBS New York that as he checked out listings on the website for construction materials, an accidentally misplaced ad by the husband of Nia Saria of Egg Harbor desperately looking for a kidney caught his eye.  Within a week, Calderbank and Saria met and learned they shared the same blood type.

Calderbank instantly knew it was a match.

“I said ‘look I know I’m a match.’ She said ‘how do you know that?’ I said ‘there’s no way that I saw your ad by accident, we’re the same blood type, and I’m not a match’.”

Calderbank lost his wife Jessica after her body rejected a kidney transplanted from a cadaver.

Calderbank, who had made a dozen trips to the hospital in preparation for the surgery, told the station that Saria's transplant surgery is scheduled for next month.