With the help of our on-air listeners, readers, family member foodies and friends, we have assembled a great list of Atlantic City, New Jersey restaurants prior to the casino era.

Let’s revisit and take this special walk down memory lane of favorite Atlantic City area restaurants prior to 1981 and the advent of legalized casino gambling (pre-1981), in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Most of our respondents selected Zaberers, a legendary, sprawling operation that had a wonderful and memorable slogan … “Zaberers, Minutes Away.”

It was ingenious marketing as they consistently advertised that they were close in proximity to everyone. It was so smart.

One of The Zaberer family members actually has “Minutes Away” on his tombstone.

Zaberers wasn’t just a meal … it was an experience.

Look at this amazing aerial look at the remarkable footprint of Zaberers. I just love it, pictured below in this wonderful, stunning Kenneth McIntyre photo.

Kenneth McIntyre photo.
Kenneth McIntyre photo.

Let me confess, it will be impossible to remember them all … but, we’ll do our very best to make a dent in this fun reflection of great restaurants of yesteryear.

Some were in business then and still are with us now.

The White House Sub Shop and Tony’s Baltimore Grill to name just two. See photos directly below.

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

Kerry Bowers wrote to us … “My parents would take us to Luigis (pacific ave?) prior to the Ice Capades at "Convention Hall." A favorite memory.”

Lisa Fineran remembers “Tulls Seafood, Pak Inn.”

The Cathay House was also remembered by several who wrote in to us for this article.

Kim Charlton gives the nod to “Little A on Tilton Rd in EHT.”

Multiple respondents, including Shawn Rowan picked “Kornblaus, on the corner of Virginia and Pacific Avenues. Best pastrami sandwiches! said Rowan.

Kim Maiuro remembers Carsons' in the inlet, known for their fried lobster tail,” said Maiuro.

Gary Evan Hendler picked Captain Starns, which was a true family favorite of ours. Just wonderful childhood memories.

Tom Mozitis writes, “I was a kid and the best restaurant was The Charcoal Pit In Linwood. It was a place families went for dinner, and after special events like school concerts, dances, etc. Char grilled burgers were just one thing they offered. They were also known for their sundaes. One was The Jersey Devil. It had 18 scoops of ice cream. It was a very popular place,” said Mozitis.

Richard Sless said “For good food it was Luigi's. For fun and good food it was Zaberers.”

John Piatt shared “Butcher Boy sandwiches at Child's Plain and Fancy on the Boardwalk. And of course french fried lobster tails at Carson's Triangle. I was a youngster of course.”

Steve Sless remembers the Cup & Saucer...

For Diane Schuman, it’s The Lido. Every summer my friends and I would save our money get dressed up go to dinner at The Lido and then head to the Ice Capades.”

Tom Foley picked “McGee’s,” a favorite for so many who remember their quality sandwiches and so much more.

Linda Novelli wrote us, “Being specific to Atlantic City, Orsatti’s.”

Orsatti’s was located inside The Warwick and all of the most powerful political potentates regularly dined and schemed there.

For Dave Garner, it’s “Ben’s BBQ.”

Rita Wade Pagoulatos picked “Hackney's.”

Marge Gurbuz remembers “Friar Tucks!”

Gail Santa Maria Layton selected “The Strand and Culmones (the best salad).”

Gail is exactly right. The Guiseppe Culmone Caesar Salad is the finest that I have ever had. When guiseppe came to work at Trump Plaza Casino Resort by The Bay, we had the privilege of enjoying his table side perfection often.

Sharon lanoale picked “China Land and the Boardwalk with my parents. Perfect night!”

William J Penman Jr. picked 3 absolute winners … “Neptune Inn, Culmones And Tony's.”

Joe Dj-sparkles Nickels offered “Charlie Pumpernickel's.”

We honor  Lynn Newsome MacEwan by including her comment … “Joseph Schiavo my uncle owned the Corbin House until his death in the early 80s.”

Cynthia R Cortopassi wtote us, “Knife & Fork Inn.”

I’ll take this opportunity to include “Docks Oyster House.”

Both of these Dougherty Family-owned restaurant’s have been open for more than 100 years and are still open, today.

Of course, there are so many more great ones that we missed. We’ll revisit this again in the future, do that we can remember to remember to include still more great restaurants in Atlantic City history.

We will end our article as we always do with food and restaurant articles …

Bon appétit.

Below are photo galleries of listener/reader cell phone photos of their favorite meals and a list of great restaurants where other wonderful meals can be found.

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Gallery Credit: Harry Hurley

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