"Black Friday" Launches Holiday Shopping Season
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This is an early warning alert. Our supply chain in America is broken, like never before.

Dear Fellow New Jerseyans, if you want to be able to provide your children, other family members, friends and colleagues with desired holiday gifts, you better get started soon.

Thankfully, Santa Claus will always find a way to get the job done.

For the rest of us mere mortals, now is the time to begin supplementing Santa’s supreme efforts.

The word on the “street” is that there will be a shortage of Christmas trees, both real and artificial, along with toys and other gifts.

Heres why:

Jay Foreman, Chief Executive Officer of the company, “Basic Fun” called getting toys this holiday season “It’s like War Games.”

13 percent of the world’s cargo shipping capacity is presently tied up by delays.

250,000 shipping containers are presently stuck off of the coast of Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles and Long Beach ports handle 40 percent of America’s imports.

Shipping containers  sitting idle hit a 10 day average during the month of September.

The harsh reality is that we are having a very difficult time getting shipping containers to America. And, when we do get them here, they sit idle for an extended time period.

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Warehouse and trucking companies are short of employees to meet the high demand.

Toy manufacturers are reporting a 6-8 week delay for many products.

Incredibly, some consumer electronic products will be in short supply until 2022.

We are living through a shipping crisis never seen before.

Numerous companies are forecasting that we will see a return to paper product shortages.

Various news reports say that Walmart and Costco are preparing to set limits as to how much paper products you can purchase at one time.

I’m not trying to bring your spirits down.

Being organized and planning early will be the key this holiday season.

Happy Shopping.

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