Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wins and most of the American media refuses to report about it.

Netanyahu is treated very much like United States President Donald J. Trump.

Netanyahu is also facing phony charges and still won.

Had Netanyahu lost, it would have been enormous news. The media would have already blamed Trump for his loss.

The media liars also would have reported that this is a precursor to Trump’s own re-election troubles.

The level of blatant intellectual dishonesty is breath-taking and deeply disturbing.

I had to go to The Jerusalem Post to get the news.

When the military votes are added-in, Netanyahu will have the 61 seats that he needs to promptly form a new Government in Israel.

This is no small feat, considering that Netanyahu is already the longest serving Prime Minister in Israeli history.

And, he won while under federal criminal indictment for bogus allegations.

This is great news for the security of the people of Israel and he is a great working ally with America.

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