The Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City is open to serve the community at three different locations for kids ages 6 to 18.

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With the beginning of the school year remaining so unpredictable, with many schools going all-remote learning or partial in-person learning, students and parents have had to remap their lives amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The struggle for parents who work, especially those with younger school-age children, is real. Kids have also become increasingly isolated because of the inability for them to socialize with their classmates.

If you live and work in the Atlantic City area, Boys & Girls Club can help ease your burden as you send your kids into the fall learning season.

Boys & Girls Club is fueling the next generation at three club locations in the city this fall. Children ages 6-12 can visit Chelsea Club and Drexel Club, while teens ages 13-18 are invited to the Teen Center. For the younger kids, they can visit as early as 8 a.m., and are invited to bring lunch and their Chromebooks to take part in their remote learning. Teens can visit beginning at 3 p.m. where dinner will be served and they can receive workplace training and college prep.

  • Chelsea Club, 215 N. Sovereign Ave., Atlantic City, Open 8a-6p for children ages 6-12
  • Drexel Club, 1010 Drexel Ave., Atlantic City, Open 8a-6p for children ages 6-12
  • Teen Center, 317 Pennsylvania Ave., Atlantic City, Open 3p-8p for teens ages 13-18

Thank you to our friends at Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City for continuing to be a valuable resource for the community, especially during this uncertain time.

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