33-year-old Lester Dennard of Bridgeton was found guilty on several gun-related charges by a Cumberland County jury on Wednesday and now faces up to 20 years in state prison.

The Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office says on May 23rd, Millville Police Officers were on patrol at the Oakview Apartments. They observed Dennard get in the back seat of a parked vehicle while pulling a handgun out of his waistband. Cops quickly approached Dennard and found a 9mm semi-automatic pistol on the floor of the backseat of the vehicle. After retrieving the gun, cops observed that the serial numbers had been scratched-off.

On Wednesday, Dennard was found guilty of the following charges: unlawful possession of a handgun, 2nd degree; possession of a defaced weapon, 4th degree; possession of weapons and devices, 4th degree; and possession of a weapon by a convicted person, 2nd degree.

Dennard remains in the Cumberland County Jail until sentencing; he faces up to 20 years in state prison. Sentencing is scheduled for January 17th.

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