Published reports say a man from Brigantine was killed in a multi-vehicle crash on Interstate 476 in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania Friday evening.

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According to WBRE-TV, the crash happened around 6 PM on the Northeast Extension just north of the Lehigh Valley Tunnel between Exit 74 for Mahoning Valley/Jim Thorpe and Exit 95 for Interstate 80.

A person who passed the scene said that it appeared that a southbound tractor trailer jackknifed and crashed through the concrete median and partially entered the northbound lanes.

WFMZ-TV reported,

Drone footage shows a tractor-trailer's cab on one side of the highway, and its trailer stretched across the other side.

Six vehicle were involved in the crash and four people were injured.

The Press of Atlantic City reports 32-year-old Harry Jackson III of Brigantine was pronounced dead at the scene. A passenger in his car survived.

A 20-mile section of the Extension was closed for several hours and the road didn't fully reopen until 5:00 the following morning.

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