I found a British report that I recently read to be absolutely fascinating. I can easily see this coming to America before the end of this decade.

2,000 Brits were recently studied and 50 percent stated that they have become bored with video conferencing. Additionally, 63 percent believe that the current video chats available do not provide “the interaction or closeness” that they would like to have.

44 percent believe that the COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed life and how we will connect to technology.

Further, they feel that it will have a lasting impact on human lifestyles going forward.

Here’s what I believe is the fascinating part. The experts think that by the end of this decade we will regularly be communicating by using holograms.

These results come more than a year after the world has communicated regularly by Zoom, Teams, FaceTime and more digital options.

The experts agree that the use of holograms will be the next big thing in virtual communication.

James Bellini, from Virgin Media, who worked on the report said, “advancements in technology and lighting Dash speed broadband mean that pioneering forms of connectivity, such as holograms, are now viable options for when we want to feel closer to those were not physically able to be with. With new technology moving as quickly as it is, it wouldn’t be strange for holograms to be common place in households by the turn of the decade.“

The experts agree that holograms can enhance lives by removing the current digital barriers to human connection. The current digital screens and video chats can’t deliver the same experience or closeness.

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They envision communication, using a 3-D life-size, real time connection, by hologram and see it taking virtual communication to an all-time new level of interpersonal experience.

Virgin Media believes that the public will want this. In order to meet this challenge, technology issues; broadband speed needs to be achieved in order to make this happen.

This “Star Trek” style technology and research is part of the launch of Virgin Media’s “Two Hearts Pizzeria.” This concept will connect people at opposite ends of The United Kingdom.

It will bring people together, who are separated by distance. They will be able to dine together by using the projection of life-size 4K holograms.

This will enable loved ones to dine together virtually. They will be able to see, hear and directly interact with one another in real time ... as though they were sitting together at the same table.

The key is that they won’t be staring at a small or larger digital screen. It will feel real.

This is the next realistic evolution of video conferencing. The belief is that this will revolutionize the way that people are able to connect.

SOURCE: Virgin Media research and product development

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