With the help of several witnesses, Atlantic City Police were able to quickly track down and arrest a man for allegedly stabbing a cell phone company employee in the neck.

Police say they were first alerted to the situation late Monday afternoon when a man with a stab wound ran up to police as they were answering a service call on Atlantic Avenue. The man's wound's are said to be non-life-threatening.

With the aid of several witnesses, police quickly found the suspect, Geno McIntosh, 23 of Atlantic City. Police say they found McIntosh with a knife in his pocket, and blood on his clothing.

According to police, "The victim, an employee of Assurance Wireless, had an interaction with McIntosh as he applied for a cell phone. McIntosh walked away and returned a short time later when he stabbed the victim."

McIntosh is being held in the Atlantic County Jail.

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