People will ask me if something is "hot" or "spicy."

I'll say "no."

What happens next is usually some yelling, screaming, cursing, and/or spitting out of food.

I really didn't mean it. I just thought that the food was mild - it tasted mild to me - when it was actually spicy.

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I like and appreciate spicy food! If you're like me, you're going to love an event we're involved with: it's the Chili Knockout and Spicy Food Festival. It's happening on New York Avenue in Atlantic City on Saturday, May 21st.

It's going to be HOT! (Pun alert....)

Actually, it's going to be pretty cool! Different and fun! Here's the official explanation:

"Chili Knock out is a food festival devoted to exploring all things flavor! It's an opportunity for culinary discovery. It's an interactive 'you be the judge.'"

Several local restaurants have already committed to participate, including Bourre, Cuzzie's, Ducktown Tavern, Essl's Dugout, Slab House, Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall, and Vagabond Kitchen and Tap House.

Hot sauces will also be available! Companies participating include Coney Island Saucery, Hank's Sauce, Hot Graham Sauce Company, Fire Hiney, Fraktured, Frankly-Deep, Jersey Girl, and more.

Tickets are now on sale for the show. To get yours, or to find out more information, you can click here.

We hope to see you in Atlantic City on May 21st.

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