New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciatterelli has not yet conceded his competitive contest versus Governor Phil Murphy.

With 95 percent of the vote counted, Governor Murphy leads 51.1% to 48.2%

That’s 1,305,152 votes to 1,231,204, a difference of 73,948 votes.

Ciatterelli will address the people of New Jersey tomorrow about the status of his campaign.

Here are the details of the Ciatterelli press conference.

WHO: Jack Ciattarelli, Republican Nominee for New Jersey Governor 2021.
WHAT: Press Conference.
WHEN: Friday, November 12, 2021 at 1:00 p.m.
WHERE: Raritan Municipal Building, 22 First Street, Raritan NJ 08869
i have no inside information whatsoever about what Ciatterelli is going to say tomorrow … but, here is my free, unsolicited advice:
I would graciously concede the race to Governor Murphy for these distinct reasons:
  • There is no way to make up a 2.9% deficit with only 5% of the vote left to count.
  • Most of these are vote-by-mail, provisional ballots, etc., which will favor Governor Murphy. The “math” just isn’t there for Ciatterelli to overcome his deficit.
  • For more than 40 years, each time a challenger has lost a close election in New Jersey, they’ve become the next Governor.
  • Jim Florio lost to Governor Tom Kean in 1981 by 1,625 votes. Florio became the next Governor.
  • Christie Whitman ran a very respectable and competitive race against United States Senator Bill Bradley and became the next Governor.
  • Jim McGreevey narrowly lost to Whitman and he became the next Governor.
  • New Jersey voters have shown the capacity to remember those candidates of both political parties, who run strong and fall just short and reward them the next chance they get.

Ciaterelli has the opportunity to exit this race as the true gentleman that I know him to be … and, he lives to fight another day … in 2025, where he will be a prohibitive front runner … having established himself as a statewide force.

Not conceding until this point was entirely appropriate for Ciatterelli, while so many votes were still left to be counted.

I realize that this is tough, unwelcome “love,” when you run so hard, for so long and come close. It’s also very hard for the 1.23 million voters who supported Ciattarelli on Election Day.

No doubt, they will want Ciatterelli to fight on and seek a formal recount.

As tempting as that is, it’s not the right course to take at this time.

Now is the time to be a statesman and then two years from now, you formally announce your campaign for Governor of New Jersey.

You will face no serious challenge to win the Republican Nomination and you’ve done so much heavy lifting to earn name recognition and good will in the great state of New Jersey.

This is the winning strategy at this point and not falling to the temptation of initiating a protracted election contest phase.

I’m confident that Ciatterelli will do the right thing, as hard as this is to do - after he worked 24/7 for more than two years to try and become Governor of New Jersey.

It hurts real bad. No doubt. But, this is the right thing to do. The time is now. The same voter support you want to earn next time is watching how you will handle the end game of Decision 2021.

Ciatterelli won’t disappoint.

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