We have written several articles about the deplorable conditions of various roadways in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

On December 3, 2022, we specifically addressed the 2400 block of Atlantic Avenue.

If you missed our coverage, here is a link to catch-up.

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We were advised by Atlantic City Council President George Tibbitt, that many roads in Atlantic City will not be resurfaced until 2024.

That is unacceptable to all reasonable people everywhere.

We are pleased to report that just over two weeks after our coverage, the 2400 block of Atlantic Avenue is being repaired today, Monday, December 19, 2022.

Immediately below, is a real time photo of what the scene looks like.

Harry Hurley, TSM
Harry Hurley, TSM

Things have gotten so bad, that residents have resorted to their own creative solutions, just to keep their sanity.

Here’s an example that we shared on December 9, 2022.

Harry Hurley, TSM
Harry Hurley, TSM

Yes, residents of Richmond Avenue, in the Chelsea Heights section of Atlantic City actually resorted to placing a fully decorated Christmas Tree inside a gigantic pothole.

We give the weary residents big style points here!

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The "condition of numerous roads are unacceptable and that there has not been an organized approach exhibited by the administration" said Tibbitt.

16 days ago, Tibbitt said:

"We simply can't wait until February of 2024 to repairAtlantic Avenue. We have an obligation to our residents, taxpayers and visitors to provide safe, well maintained streets," said Tibbitt.

"It's not acceptable to expect the residents and tourists to have to deal with the dangerous conditions of the roads on Atlantic Avenue. We cannot wait another 18 months to have them repaired," concluded Tibbitt.

Tibbitt also addressed with us that some short term fix must be accomplished as soon as possible, should the long term fix be forced to wait until 2024.

It appears that Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small has been listening to his critics and that’s a good thing.

It demonstrates that you can fight City Hall when the public and dedicated elective officials like Tibbitt won’t take no for an answer.

Today’s road improvement work is a welcome charge, but, there are many miles of roads that need to be resurfaced in Atlantic City.

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