Tomorrow, Thursday, April 9, 2020 from 9:04 a.m. to 9:20 a.m., New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy will be our guest on “Hurley in the Morning” on WPG Talk Radio.

The interview focus will be the state of New Jersey (Murphy Administration efforts) during our present Coronavirus pandemic.

You can listen at:

When a once every 100 years challenge - the scope and size of the Coronavirus pandemic presents itself - it has the tendency to bring out the best and worst in people, throughout all levels of public service.

By any fair measure, it has brought out the best in Governor Murphy. The Governor has displayed competence and a high energy level on a daily basis, even while he was dealing with his own health issue in the recent past.

The focus of our interview will be to provide an update regarding the Murphy Administration’s efforts regarding the fight against this deadly COVID-19 virus.

The topics we will cover include:

1. How are we doing as a state during these unprecedented times?

2. The recent virus models show that New Jersey could hit our first wave peak on, or, about April 14-15. How are we doing with hospital beds, ventilators, PPE? The Navy USNS Comfort hospital ship as a shared New Jersey/New York COVID-19 hospital if needed?

3. We’ll also be extending a thank you to Governor Murphy for his leadership and direct support relative to the implementation of an Atlantic County coronavirus testing site, which opens during our live interview with the Governor.

4. When we come out the other side of this beast virus, we’ll ask Governor Murphy for his thoughts about re-opening New Jersey for business and getting people back to work.

5. Does Governor Murphy believe that we'll have a productive and profitable summer season in New Jersey, casinos, hotels, motels, etc.

SPECIAL NOTE: My thanks and appreciation to New Jersey State Senator Michael Testa for making a very kind introduction of Governor Murphy and myself. Senator Testa has been one of the shining examples during the present crisis.

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