We have been investigating something for several weeks now.

Allegations have been brought to my attention that Atlantic City, New Jersey Mayor Marty Small attempted to ”push” his way to obtain a role in the movie “People Not Places,” which has been filming in Atlantic City, Margate and Pleasantville.

The movie stars the legendary, Academy Award-winning actress, Shirley MacLaine and Stephen Dorff.

It may be the final role of MacLaine’s storied acting career.

MacLaine turned 90 years old on April 24,2024.

MacLaine won her Best Actress Oscar in 1982 for her role in "Terms of Endearment."

I have spoken directly with numerous people who have had direct contact with MacLaine during the filming of “People Not Places.”

Every single person has said the exact same thing. MacLaine is an absolute delight … that she is kind … does not act like she’s a star … wonderful and generous to be around.

I’ve heard very good things about Steven Dorff, too.

Rumors have spread like a wild fire around Atlantic City for weeks that Small wanted a role in the movie. He wanted it real bad according to multiple sources, who would not go on the record regarding Small for fear of political retaliation.

In fact, absolutely no one will go on the record regarding Marty Small or anything whatsoever to do with Small and the filming of “People Not Places.”

Multiple people have asked for us to confirm the circumstances surrounding Small having a role in the movie.

It is a question that we can not fully answer at this time.

It appears that Small will appear in the movie.

To be fair, we cannot confirm that Small did anything wrong … or, that he “pushed” his way for a role in the movie.

In fact, it’s not unusual for an Atlantic City Mayor to appear in a movie that is filed in Atlantic City.

For example, former Atlantic City Mayor Jim Whelan appeared in the movie “Snake Eyes,” starring Nicolas Cage and Gary Sinise in 1998.

Unless we learn something different in the future … it’s only fair to give Marty Small the benefit of the doubt this time.

It is my sincere hope that Small acted well in “People Not Places” … and, that our report will help to dispel some of the unfounded rumors about Small that have been circulating for the past several weeks.

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