Harry Hurley Investigative Report:
Atlantic City’s Texas Avenue School

Our whistleblowers from Atlantic City’s Brighton Avenue and Texas Avenue Schools continue to express their concerns about the condition of the buildings that they have to work in.

The condition of the physical plant is reported to be unsafe from a COVID-19 standpoint and lacking basic good order such as reports that they have not had working hot water in six years.

In a multi-billion dollar casino gaming town, or, any city, this is disgraceful.

How can the Atlantic City Board of Education and the School Administration allow this?

A staff member shared this comment with me earlier today as follows:

“Texas Avenue teachers had their windows open and it was 42 degrees in the classrooms. Teachers sent out messages in advance about students having to wear jackets because it might be cold and were told to retract it by upper administration and to tell parents our school is safe and that there are no problems.

They are not being truthful to the parents. We are tolerating this lack of health and safety concern for our students and staff. None of us would tolerate that type of learning environment for our own kids,” said our Whistleblower.

Here are photos that have been provided by staff members regarding the condition of the the 2nd and 3rd floor restrooms at the Texas Avenue School, along with a photo of a classroom with a portion the ceiling in disrepair.

Disrepair of Atlantic City’s Texas Avenue School

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