Summertime and the living is... busy. Many of us have a lot going on in the summer months and that makes it easier to blow off our workouts. Are your daily gym trips dwindling down? Have you fallen completely off of the workout wagon? Don't wait until fall. We have five surefire tips to get you back on track.

Whether it’s from an injury, a busy work schedule, summer parties or guests, or just getting back from a long vacation, we’ve all been there a time or two. Whatever the reason is, it’s always a bit tough to get back into the swing of things, especially when it comes to working out. Although it may be hard, it’s not impossible. When it comes to getting back to your workout program, there are plenty of ways to rev up that engine.

  • 1

    Find Your Why

    Everyone has their reasons to get back in the gym. It could be putting on a pair of old jeans that you use to love and finding that they’re just a little too tight, or maybe you’re just not feeling as great as you once did. To get motivated, find your why.

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    Give Your Body What it Needs

    Many times, when we take breaks from working out, we take breaks from eating healthy. It is important to give our body the nutrition it needs to have the energy to get back into shape. Eating healthier can often motivate us to work out again.

  • 3

    Find a Buddy

    It is so tempting to hit the snooze button on your alarm for an early gym session or to skip the gym on your way home from work. With a gym buddy waiting, it gives you the motivation to stay committed. Find that workout buddy to help you stay with it.

  • 4

    Treat Yourself

    Some of us just don’t like working out, simple as that. Incentives are always great for this. Buy yourself a new pair of sneakers or even a new pair of stylish workout pants. This could be the motivator if you really need one!

  • 5

    Listen to Your Body

    Last but definitely not least, listen to your body! Getting back into a daily workout routine can be a challenge, and that’s okay. It’s important to understand your body and if it needs a break, give it one. Working out is good for us but we can’t over do it. Ease back into it and your body will thank you!

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