For the past 30 years, I have been trying to make the case that everything is political. No matter what. Life and death. Nothing is out of bounds.

It is a terrible tipping point in American history that we presently find ourselves.

You would think that during a deadly health pandemic, that politics could be put aside. Sadly, such is not the case.

In fact, partisan politics has escalated during the current pandemic.

Even the decision whether or not to take the COVID-19 vaccine is hyper political.

Here is the latest data from the Monmouth University Polling Institute.

Incredibly, nearly half of all Republicans responded that they “would never get the Covid-19 vaccine in the latest poll from the Monmouth University Polling Institute, far more than the portion Democrats or independents who said the same,” according to the Monmouth University poll.

Here is the percentage breakdown of those who say that they will never take the COVID-19 vaccine:

  • 43 % of Republicans
  • 5 % of Democrats
  • 22 % of Independents
  • 25 % of those under age 65
  • 11 % of those over age 65
  • 22 % of white people
  • 20 % of non-white people

Here is the breakdown of those who have been vaccinated:

  • 67 % of Democrats
  • 36 % of Republicans
  • 47 % of Independents
  • 54 % of  white Americans
  • 45 % of non-white Americans

So, there you have it. A Democrat is significantly more likely to take the COVID-19 vaccine versus a Republican.


How did an unprecedented global health pandemic become so political?

The answer is a simple and very sad one. No matter what the issue is ... everything in America is now undeniably seen through a political lens.

It used to be that when the chips were down, Americans of all political stripes would put their own personal politics aside and always unconditionally come together.

The last time that this happened was on September 11, 2001. Americans rallied together. We were one nation. Unified. President George W. Bush had a 91 percent job approval rating.

This was not because President Bush did everything right. We were united because that’s what Americans have always done when we are dealing with a major crisis.

The terrorist enemy delivered a surprising blow, killing thousands of Americans in a series of terrorist attacks on American soil.

We as Americans rallied together. We flew American flags. The rabid national media for the most part suspended their own hyper partisan activities and actually became mostly pro-American, too.

Sadly, this American unity only lasted for about 6 or so months. Because once again the goal was to win the next election, so American unity took a back row seat to political partisan activities.

As a nation, we have never been this united during the past 20 years.

Not since the Civil War has America been this divided. Our union cannot endure for much longer if this situation is not corrected.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and I together. We had no relationship whatsoever prior to March, 2020.

We have worked together and have become friends along the way. This has bothered some. It shouldn’t. This is the way it’s supposed to be. In times of supreme challenge, we are supposed to work together for the common good.

Where did we lose our way as a nation?

Can we ever find our way back?

Governor Murphy has demonstrated admirable leadership during impossibly difficult circumstances. If you had to make daily decisions that affect more than 9 million people, what would you do?

During an unprecedented challenge ... the size of this pandemic, it’s difficult to look good.

I am a registered Republican. I took the COVID-19 vaccine.

I’m also proud to have worked closely with my Democratic Governor, Phil Murphy.

Because I don’t look at him as a Democrat. I look at him as a man. A good man. A friend. As a leader, he faces the many challenges of our current times.

For nearly 2 1/2 centuries this is the way that it’s always been in America.

Have we lost our way forever? Or, are we capable of finding our way back home together?

Only time will tell. And, time is running out.

SOURCE: Monmouth University Polling Institute and opinion editorial remarks from Harry Hurley.

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