The State Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services has released its 2019 report on heroin abuse cases in New Jersey. has gone ahead and crunched the numbers.

How did Patch accomplish that? Communities reported the number of people seeking treatment for heroin abuse. Patch took the number of abuse cases in each town and figured out what the per capita rate was, and the leading towns may surprise you. It’s not just an inner city problem.

These are the towns with the most heroin abuse cases per 1,000 people:
1. Seaside Heights - 31.10
2. Egg Harbor City - 29.37
3. Atlantic City - 28.41
4. Wrightstown - 24.01
5. Woodbine - 22.41
6. Corbin City - 22.13
7. Loch Arbour - 20.51
8. Sussex Boro - 20.30
9. Clementon - 20.07
10. Wildwood - 19.86

The rest of the list can be found here.

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