The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office has charged Timothy J. Reed with criminal computer activity, an indictable offense of the 2nd degree.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office is alleging that the actions by Reed allegedly involve:

Take/copy personal or Government data over $5,000, according to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

The specific allegations against Reed will be released by the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office in the future.

Reed is the former Atlantic County Sheriff’s Department, Chief Warrants Officer.

Reed worked directly with and was closely aligned with former Atlantic County Sheriff Eric Scheffler.

Upon Scheffler’s defeat by Atlantic County Sheriff Joe O’Donoghue, Reed left his employ with the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Department, effective January 1, 2024 … when the new administration officially took office.

Reed is also the former Chief of Police for the City of Brigantine.

We wrote about Reed on October 15, 2020, at the time of a peculiar vehicle crash involving the Atlantic County Sheriffs Department The Hope One Super vehicle.

Here is a direct link to that article:

Read More: Sheriff Chief Warrant Officer Controversy Regarding Vehicle Crash

Ironically, future Atlantic County Sheriff Joe O’Donoghue and Atlantic County Under Sheriff Mario Suarez just happened to be nearby at the time of Reed’s vehicle crash.

Truth is always stranger than fiction.

At the time of this crash, Reed appeared to have filed two different official causes for the crash.

Multiple reports are included in the attached article (link) above.

In short, to the Hammonton Police, Reed appears to make it look like he was the victim of a hit-and-run driver, in a moving vehicle.

In the County of Atlantic insurance report, Reed acknowledges that he hit a parked truck.

In the County of Atlantic official report, Reed confirms that he was the at fault driver, who hit a parked truck.

At the time, Joe O'Donoghue and Mario Suarez (retired Atlantic City Police Officer) both confirmed to me that Atlantic County Sheriff Eric Scheffler was on the scene at or just after the time of the accident.


SOURCE: Confidential law enforcement official.

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