Atlantic City is so much more relevant than most of us who have actually lived here may ever really know.

Here’s today’s example. My wife Margie and I are in Disney World for a few days.

We’re celebrating Disney World’s iconic 50th Anniversary and this Sunday, October 17, 2021, Margie and I will be celebrating our 40th Wedding Anniversary.


While visiting The Hall of Presidents, we noticed an item from former United States First Lady Caroline Harrison, wife of our 23rd President, Benjamin Harrison.

Caroline established The White House China Collection. She preserved art by painting in china.

Here is a beautiful plate that she painted in 1887. Note that she painted it “near Atlantic City.”


Caroline defied her church and Father to take Benjamin Harrison as her beau.

As First Lady, she wanted art to be accessible to all Americans so she opened The White House to the public, whereby she personally facilitated china painting lessons for all interested citizens.

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Mrs. Harrison was very passionate about education. She used her office to fundraise for the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine on the condition that the University accept women students.

Before her life was cut short by tuberculosis, Mrs. Harrison made history when she gave the first speech recorded by a sitting First Lady. She was an accomplished artist, activist, and educator.

I find Caroline Harrison much more interesting than her husband who was President of The United States.

Atlantic City played a part in her life story. I am fascinated and thrilled by how often Atlantic City pops up throughout history.

Below, is a look at a number of significant Atlantic City “firsts” through the years.

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