Gerard L. Gormley, Jr., a legendary restauranteur, New Jersey Boxing Chairman, and the older Brother to former Senator Bill Gormley, has passed away at age 85. Gerry, as he was affectionately known, lived a very consequential life.

The Gormley Brothers were the sons of another legendary figure, former Atlantic County Sheriff Gerard L. Gormley, Sr. Gormley, Sr. was The Sheriff of Atlantic County for 21 years. This was during a time when the sheriff was the top law-enforcement official in Atlantic County. The Gormley’s lived adjacent to The Atlantic County Jail during these formative years.

They were born into elective public service. It’s in their DNA. It’s how the Gormley Family is constructed. Gerry Gormley was accomplished in his own right and was the most fierce supporter and defender to his younger Brother, Senator Bill Gormley, throughout his entire rising, legendary electoral political career.

Gerry Gormley held a very important position for an extended career as the Chairman of the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board. New Jersey Governor Tom Kean nominated Gerry Gormley to be Chairman of the state board that controlled all aspects of boxing in 1986. He held the position for almost two decades.

The Gormley Family was long involved in boxing for many years prior to Gerry becoming state regulatory Chairman. Gerry Gormley held this position during the time that  Atlantic City was the Boxing Capital of America.

Make no mistake about it, the fact that his Brother was one of the most powerful Senators in New Jersey history didn’t hurt him in getting the job. However, Gerry Gormley did a tremendous job in this consequential position.

I want to take a moment of personal privilege and comment that Gerry Gormley was a very good man. He was kind, compassionate, and a loyal individual. Gerry Gormley was also an uniter. He always tried to find common ground and bring people together. If he saw that people who should be friends were warring, he possessed an expert talent to engage in effective conflict resolution.

Gerry was a blessed and lucky man. He led an extraordinary life.

When I say he was a lucky man, I really mean it. Gerry Gormley was so lucky in this life that even after great success in business, he actually won a handsome lottery prize during his lifetime.

The Bible says, “Blessed are the Peacemakers.” Gerry Gormley was a peacemaker.

We send our deepest condolences to Senator Gormley and the entire Gormley Family during this time of their great loss.

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