Moderate weather and good rainfall this summer will translate into some spectacular fall foliage across New Jersey this fall.

Dawn McClennen, who co-founded with her husband, agrees that this fall foliage season may be better.

"It is true that we have had quite a bit of rain this year, unlike past seasons. So, yeah, the color might be more vibrant this season than we normally see."

As for the geography of the trees turning, McClennen says, "the color is starting to turn in northwest New Jersey. That is the part that turns first, usually, and then makes its way down the state. So you are seeing some low colors starting to show up in the higher elevations and along water, around, say, High Point State Park, Stokes State Forest, Delaware Water Gap, then in the Highlands region, where you will find Norpen Green State Forest, Barefoot Ridge, the higher areas."

"In a few weeks, you will start to see it more in the central region, down to Washington Crossing State Park, and then you are going to move down and maybe to Parvin State Park in South Jersey, and eventually end up, probably in Belleplain State Forest, which is a good spot to do it later in the season, maybe the last week of October, even into the first or second week of November."

McClennen says as the tree leaves begin to lose their chlorophyll, they lose their green color and evolve into the oranges and reds we enjoy.

She says the best tree colors are "usually around water, around streams and around lakes, because the water does affect the color."

As a hiking fan, McClennen's advice is to get out there now, because the fall foliage season usually wraps up by late November.

"Just get out there. It does not last very long and just try to get out for a couple of weekends and check it out."

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