As many of you are well aware, it's summer time, and that means one thing - the mosquitoes are out to play.

Nothing is worse than coming back with mosquito bites after a fun summer activity, so we found 3 essential oils that will help you keep mosquitoes at bay the natural way! No harsh chemicals or smells like most store bought repellents.

*NOTE: Be sure to check to see how your skin reacts to these by using it on a small area first.


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    Lavender Oil

    Using lavender oil is a great way to keep those pesky mosquitoes away naturally. It smells amazing and it nourishes the skin unlike the repellents sold in the store. Lavender oil also helps encourage sleep as lavender is a relaxant.

    For those who want to apply lavender oil but have sensitive skin, you can mix the oil in with an aqueous cream. The lavender plant itself can also be planted in your own garden to protect your home from mosquitoes.

    To learn how to make lavender oil on your own, check out this WikiHow!

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    Cinnamon Oil

    Did you know that cinnamon can also act as a mosquito repellent? What was once only known for baked goods, desserts, and other sugary treats, can now be used to keep mosquitoes at bay from you and your home. What’s great is that it also kills mosquito eggs so you don’t have to worry about them overpopulating your outdoor and indoor space.

    When using it on oneself, spray it upon your clothing or upholstery because it can be irritating on the skin.

    To make cinnamon oil spray, you need four ounces of water and 24 drops of cinnamon oil. Don’t forget the spray bottle!

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    Thyme Oil

    Thyme oil is super effective against mosquitoes that carry malaria inside of them. After some extensive research, it’s effectiveness published by Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association which concluded that it offered 91% protection.

    Here’s how to make your own mixture from “Mix a teaspoon of either jojoba oil or olive oil with four drops of thyme oil. You can also create a spray using two ounces of water and five drops of thyme oil. Simply multiply to create larger batches of each of these mixtures.”