I take this opportunity to thank my long-time friend Paul Steelman for making it possible for us to share the first-ever look at classic photos and drawings of the original Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino … located on the Boardwalk at Boston Avenue in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Our photo gallery immediately follows this article and it is not an exaggeration to say that these photos are extraordinary and never before published.

Immediately following our exclusive photo gallery, is another gallery of additional Golden Nugget photographs from more than 40 years ago.

It’s a priceless collection of never before seen photos. It’s a precious time capsule of a magical time in Atlantic City, as the Golden Nugget Hotel Casino became the most profitable casino in the world during the incredible decade of the 1980’s.

We asked Paul Steelman to comment about this once in a lifetime era.

“When I look back at these photos and drawings, I think of the energy that surrounded the Golden Nugget Project and Atlantic City. It was an amazing time to work with the greats Wynn, Bergman and Conversano to create the perfect Atlantic City Resort. It does not look like Vegas or Florida......it was not designed to look like New York, instead the design approach was exactly the same as Bill Harrah took designing his 5 Star Resort Harrahs Tahoe....Design the building to be an exciting interpretation of its location....the magnificent Atlantic City Beach....The Golden Nugget was the only project to take this design approach. The effects on my life/ career are priceless. It pains me to see the Atlantic City promise so compromised today. Steve Wynn wanted to create a building to define Atlantic City ..AGAIN.....it succeeded beyond imagination. Atlantic City had an amazing start. Unfortunately, due to mergers, politics, nefarious activities and the lack of imaginative architecture/planning it has fallen from its grace and dignity that once created an unstoppable energy,” said Steelman.

Please enjoy opening this time capsule with us and enjoy these photos (directly below) from more than 40 years ago.

Golden Nugget Atlantic City Incredible Never Before Seen Photos

From blueprints to a finished casino, see the never before seen photos of the Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City, NJ

An Exclusive Look Back at the Golden Nugget, Atlantic City from 1980


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