At a critical moment in New Jersey history, we had an exclusive and wide-ranging interview this morning on WPG Talk Radio’s “Hurley in the Morning” with Governor Phil Murphy.

The Governor was engaging, honest and thorough with his responses to my numerous questions and a number of follow-ups that I posed to him.

Governor Murphy also gave us an extra 5-plus minutes, which allowed us to generate some additional excellent content.

You can listen to the full 20-plus minute interview right here. I promise you that it’s worth your time.

We covered the following topics:

The present controversy regarding Atilis Gym.

The number of senior living facilities and COVID-19 deaths. Governor Murphy rightfully called this a “tragedy.”

When will the Atlantic City Casinos be able to open?

When will churches be allowed to open?

Will students/teachers return to the classroom this September, or, will remote learning continue?

Governor Murphy gave a complete update as to what’s now reopen and he tipped that there will be be announcements soon.

Governor Murphy demonstrated that he’s willing to engage and no questions were off-of-the-table.

Governor Murphy and I have established an excellent rapport, based upon mutual respect and trust, regardless of exactly what position each of us may hold on a particular issue.

I urge you to take the time to listen to our exclusive interview. It very well may be one of the most informative and candid back-and-forth interviews to date with Governor Murphy.

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