I never tell anyone else what to do. It’s not my place.

However, I do believe that it is my job to tell you what I think.

In my view, it’s problematic that former New Jersey Assemblyman Vince Polistina is going to face an internal challenge for the Republican Nomination for New Jersey State Senate in storied District 2.

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In days gone by, it would be no big deal. You could even make the case, that since Polistina hasn’t run for office in a decade, that an internal challenge could be a good thing.

It would allow Polistina to stretch his legs out and get back into the campaign swing, prior to the general election campaign.

It also allows for another good thing. It creates an atmosphere whereby the Atlantic County Republicans coalesce behind Polistina, in a way that you cannot simulate when a presumptive nominee is unchallenged.

A good example of this was Senator Bill Gormley versus my twin Brother Don Hurley in 1997. Atlantic County Republicans staunchly got behind Gormley in this fiercely contested Primary Election. It actually served to build Republican Party unity behind Gormley.

That was then. This is now.

There’s a whole new calculus at play in this highly competitive, no holds barred era of play-for-keeps electoral politics.

Today, the Democrats are much more competitive then they were in the past.

You don’t want to face internal political fire if you can you help it.

In addition, millions of dollars will flood-in for Democrats  Vince Mazzeo, John Armato and Caren Fitzpatrick. They will have no fundraising requirements. It’s all provided for them.

On the Republican side, Polistina and “Company” will have to scratch and claw for every campaign dollar.

This makes Seth Grossman’s decision to challenge Polistina on the June, 2021 Primary Election ballot a very unfortunate development.

Seth Grossman Campaign Photo
Seth Grossman Campaign Photo

Polistina will win. That’s not the problem. The fact is that he will be sidetracked from focusing on Mazzeo ... and, Polistina will have to spend invaluable time and resources on a contested Republican Primary election is such a waste.

The fact that Grossman is a relentless and experienced former elected official means that Polistina cannot take this challenge lightly.

It is the equivalent for Polistina of having to run two “General Election” type campaigns.

It also shortens the actual General Election campaign for Polistina, who don’t be able to give his undivided attention to Mazzeo until after the June Primary.

Grossman is not afraid to run for anything. This is the list of offices that Grossman has run for over the years.

United States House of Representatives


State Senate

Atlantic County Freeholder

Atlantic City Mayor

Atlantic City Council

It’s America. People are free to run for whatever office strikes their fancy.

However, in a perfect world, you would hope and expect that an intelligent person would see the bigger picture and keep their sights focused on the bigger picture.

I’ve known Seth Grossman for 35 years. When he makes up his mind, there’s no talking him out of a project that he’s committed to.

Many times Grossman chooses smart projects to tackle. Sometimes not so much.

This one of those boneheaded moments that Seth Grossman is capable of doing.

I’ve spoken with several prominent area Democrats. They just love it when a Republican like Grossman steps up and challenges the regular institutions and ignites this type of mischief.

It’s good news for Atlantic County Democrats.

Therefore, it’s bad news for Republicans.

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