Not only do I endorse Ambient Comfort online and on the radio, but I am also an Ambient Comfort client. Today I want to share the amazing customer service experience that we had in our home.

First, I met Corey Heffernan, a Comfort Adviser. What a highly professional gentleman Corey is.

It was Corey’s assignment to test the air quality in our home. He utilized a Lennox air advice machine to take critical readings about the quality of the air that is presently circulating in our home. Corey tested for various particulates of matter, humidity, carbon monoxide and other key readings.

Here is what the unit looks like and a look at one page of our multi-page air quality report.

Corey Heffernan photo
Corey Heffernan photo

Corey also spent real quality time with me reviewing the air quality results in our home in specific detail.

When you think about it, while it may be out of sight and out of mind ... there are not many things in life more important than the quality of the air that we breathe on a daily basis. I couldn’t be happier with the high quality effort that was provided to my family by Corey and Ambient Comfort.

Next, we met Jason Barnett, an Ambient Comfort HVAC Technician. Jason is highly professional and did an extensive inspection of our entire home HVAC. Jason’s attention to detail was exceptional.

Here’s a photo of Jason inspecting the condenser unit of our air conditioning system in our home:

Jason Barnett Photo by Corey Heffernan at the Harry Hurley home
Photo by Jason Barnett - Harry Hurley home HVAC equipment room

In addition to being a radio broadcaster for the past 30 years, I am also a former Atlantic City Casino Hotel Senior Level Executive. I have worked very closely with some finest HVAC companies and our own in-house employees that you will ever find anywhere.

I know the highest level of service when I see it. Ambient Comfort Heating and Cooling professionals will provide you and yours with exceptional service and the highest quality of products available today.

We couldn’t be happier with our experience.

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