Even before Governor Chris Christie addressed the nation yesterday, I knew exactly how he would handle this moment of truth... and, I said so on-air, hours before Christie's 11:00 a.m. press conference.

I knew that Governor Christie would unconditionally apologize. He did. In knew he would take full responsibility. He did. I knew he would immediately fire someone. He did. I knew he would take any and all questions. He did. I knew he would visit Fort Lee and apologize. He did. I knew he would walk into the Lion's Den and eat the Lion. He did. I also knew he would exhibit the exact opposite approach when compared to Barack Obama. He did. I knew that Christie would be utterly unambiguous. He was.

I've been giving a great deal of thought as to why the entire national, state and local medias are so interested and even obsessed with this bogus so called "BridgeGate."

All of these same media intelligencia have had little to no interest in the bucket full of scandals created by the Obama Administration.

Benghazi deaths, blatant IRS abuses of the taxpayers, NSA, Fast & Furious, the hiring of an Obama Campaign Donor to investigate some of the scandals (to name just a few), and, the (disgraceful) slow-rolling of all of them in general.

By comparison, Governor Christie has immediately taken steps ... fired people ... even bagged his two-time Campaign Manager, who would have been the next New Jersey GOP Chairman and a big force on the National Governor's Association stage.

Christie has unconditionally apologized. Obama has fired no one and apologized for absolutely nothing.

The Obama scandals are major. The so-called Christie scandal is no worse than a jaywalking offense.

It was a stupid circus stunt, conducted by a few not-ready-for-Prime Time Players. I realize the George Washington Bridge is the busiest traffic site in the world, but, the media's intense interest in this is so disproportionate to reality.

The rhetoric is so over-heated that some media lunatics have also accused Governor Christie of the murder of a 91-year-old woman. This ridiculous claim has been completely rejected by the woman's own daughter, who simply said, "it was her Mother's Time."

By any standard, Chris Christie conducted one of the most extraordinary press conferences in American history. It lasted 108 minutes, just shy of 2 hours. Christie spoke just under 20,000 words. Christie answered each and every question, until the media couldn't think of another question. Media Members were able to pose 3 or more questions each and offer unlimited follow-ups.

Contrast this to Obama. He never answers a direct question. He never apologizes. He has never held any staff member to account for their actions.

Obama's scandals are major ... yet the same people that were at our State House yesterday, have never swarmed Obama with a fraction of the intensity that they blitzed Governor Christie with yesterday.

Governor Christie also immediately went to Fort Lee to apologize for what a few of his former staff members had done to them.

Christie offered an unconditional apology. He has bared his sould and told the nation that he is embarrassed and humiliated by this.

One thing is starting to emerge from this already. The entire nation has had the opportunity to see how Christie handles a crisis/adversity. Then can size him up and compare him to the detached President we have now.

I'm not trying to spin this escapade into a positive for Christie, however, every leader will at some time be faced with a crisis.

The American people have now had the opportunity to see how Christie handles himself. If you're being fair, it's hard not to be impressed with how Christie is handling this.

One last point ... Look how fast a federal investigation has been launch. The United States Attorney is on this lickity split and he's already sought out the direct assistance of The FBI to help.

All this for so-called "BridgeGate"? Why is there not a major Congressional Select Committee to investigate all of the Obama scandals, which are much more serious in nature then a 4-day traffic jam.

Watch as the media continues to try and suffocate Christie with market saturation level coverage. Also watch as Christie continues to shine with his usual transparency and honesty.