Do you struggle with losing weight or keeping the pounds off once you do? Studies show Americans are steadily losing interest in losing weight. But you can change that.

For many people, weight loss has become too difficult a task to achieve and they have simply lost hope. With a few changes in the way we attack losing weight, perhaps we can change this growing mindset.

Reminding yourself of the health benefits of losing weight is important to keep in mind. There can be dire health consequences from constantly fluctuating between drastic weight loss and gain.

Having a goal in mind when attempting to lose weight is also an important step in the overall process. Whether it is achieving that target waist size or getting that beach body in time for summer, setting a specific goal in mind when exercising or changing your diet can motivate you to stay on track.  Don't let setbacks throw you off the track completely.  Just dust yourself off and get back on that weight loss horse!

  • dashek Thinkstock
    dashek Thinkstock

    Have Goal in Mind

    Having a specific purpose for losing weight will keep you motivated to start that daily exercise or stay on track with your diet.

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    Bart Sadowski ThinkStock

    Switch to Healthier Options

    Set yourself up for success by keeping healthy snack options in your home. Instead of your favorite bag of chips or assorted sweets, go for fruits like bananas or grapes instead.

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    Plan Daily Meals

    Pack light snacks to munch on throughout the day to avoid possibly overeating later on in the day. The late night binges can also get you into trouble.

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    Establish A Support Group

    Surround yourself with a close group of friends who are supportive of your weight loss journey. They will keep you motivated and full of positive thoughts.

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    biglike ThinkStock

    Encourage Yourself

    Positive thoughts yield positive results. Block out any negative thoughts or influences and keep your weight loss goals in perspective when things get tough.

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