We promised that we would continue to update the public on the status of the hazardous debris (located)  directly adjacent to the Chelsea Heights Avenue School in Atlantic City.

Today, exactly 71 days after our first article on this subject and 11 days since our second follow-up article, we can confirm that remediation of this potentially dangerous area has begun.

Here is a link to our coverage of June 2, 2022:

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The photo below depicts a ladder to the left and a heavy duty truck and backhoe tractor loader inside the fenced-in area.

John Devlin photo.
John Devlin photo.

The Chelsea Avenue School is located on the 500 block of Annapolis Avenue in Atlantic City.

The debris is leftover from trailers that were formerly on this site and used as classrooms.

There were 3-4 double-wide trailers that were supposed to used for a very short while … yet, were used for 20 years on this property.

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Back on April 1, 2022, Atlantic City Board of Education Member John Devlin told us that “it was never cleaned up and now it looks like a war zone. It’s an Eyesore as well as a security and safety hazard,” said Devlin.

We have observed concrete, with metal rods protruding, along with exposed wires, metal rebar and other debris.

This area was unsafe for an extended period of time. This is a very positive development that the clean-up has begun today.

We reported back on June 2nd that Atlantic City Director of Public Works, Paul Jerkins had promised that he would address this eyesore and hazardous public property.

Jerkins has kept his word.

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