After kicking the Stockton University Rowing program to the curb, we can now shed some light on the City of Atlantic City’s rationale behind the bizarre action.

Here is a link to our prior coverage about this outrageous decision:

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In February it was reported that the Stockton Rowing program would have to leave the Atlantic City Boathouse facilities.

This decision came as a shock to many, especially given the fact that Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small and his wife La’Quetta Small, Atlantic City superintendent of public schools, are both graduates of Stockton University.

As Stockton University sought a new agreement upon the expiration of their previous 3-year lease of the Atlantic City Boathouse, they were told that the Atlantic City Board of Education would be using the space and that they needed to leave the premises as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the neighboring City of Brigantine stepped up and have provided a new home for the Stockton University Rowing program.

We have attempted to get a schedule of use for the Atlantic City Boathouse from a Board of Education Member ever since. It proved to be elusive until now.

Stockton University and Atlantic City High School had worked very well together over the past three years and enjoyed a highly professional and collegial relationship.

According to Dr. Kesselman, Stockton University has made a more than $ 260 million investment in Atlantic City with their Atlantic City campus.

Here is the tentative event schedule for the Atlantic City Boathouse (March-June, 2022) as follows:

Atlantic City Board of Education
Atlantic City Board of Education

This schedule came to us via one Atlantic City Board of Education Member who requested it three times before receiving it yesterday.

Four of the scheduled events are the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, former Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford is a member.

Stockton University had been a great working partner, steward, and took care of the Atlantic City Boathouse; making numerous improvements, donating equipment to the Atlantic City Public Schools, donating boats ($10,000 plus a piece), ergometers, providing elite training, and more.

Stockton University Rowing Head Coach John Bancheri is very appreciative and complimentary of Brigantine, telling us:

We have received an “incredibly warm welcome by Mayor Vince Sera, former Mayor Guenther, and Kay Papandrew of the Brigantine Rowing Club,” said Bancheri.

”They immediately provided us with space and were thrilled to have us back, as we rowed out of the Brigantine Boathouse for years. That boathouse has erg machines, weight room, locker rooms, etc., and we could not be more appreciative of their hospitality,” concluded Bancheri.

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